3D Superball

3D Superball 1.1.4

Bamboozling ball balancing game


  • Realistic ball physics
  • Lots of levels
  • Music jukebox


  • Steep learning curve

Very good

3D Superball is an enjoyable game of skill that will test your powers of balance.

In 3D Superball you must use your directional buttons or number keys to steer you little ball across a series of lanes, avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles. You'll need to jump moving platforms, roll down wire tracks, switch on buttons that operate sliding doors, and much more.

The great thing about 3D Superball is its realistic ball physics, and it really feels like you're in control (or not in control, as the case may be) of a little marble. The graphics are bright and colorful and there's a music jukebox with five songs to choose from.

There are three different worlds to complete, each with around 10 different levels of increasing difficulty. Perhaps the only thing that bugged us about 3D Superball is that we found the first world very easy to complete then all of a sudden the second world is virtually impossible.

If you've got the patience to master it, 3D Superball can become a really addictive and enjoyable challenge.

3D Superball


3D Superball 1.1.4

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